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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 5, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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have been the real intended target in monday's shooting rampage at a university at oakland. i'm christie smith, that story coming up in a live report. less talking, more park, the new development project the giants are proposing next to at&t ballpark. and a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. traffic flowing smoothly right now. it's time to start feeling good. it's friday eve, thursday, april 5th. "today in the bay." good morning to you, and thanks so much for joining us, it's 5:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> you've got that hot cup of java. >> i do. >> it's time to check in with ms. christina loren here to talk about the weather. good to have you back. >> good morning for a hot cup of chocolate or coffee in our case. this morning, it's cold out there. not quite as cold as it could be.
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if we lose these winds, temperatures could fall below that freezing mark especially up in the north bay. but i think the winds are going to hold on this morning. grab that jacket and your shades, as well, lots of sunshine for today. great-looking easter sunday shaping up. i'll take you through the forecast and tell you when the rain returns. >> the same thing keeping those temperatures just above freezing, the wind, keeping a warning for our bridges. the san mateo bridge, the camera shaking a bit. an earlier wind advisory especially across the high-rise and you can see the camera shaking a bit, as well. the bay bridge also shows the camera tremble from our san francisco mounted camera looking at the upper deck. a light flow into the city. no problems for either deck, but we'll watch as the congestion builds this thursday. so far, a smooth drive. >> we'll keep checking back with you. thank you very much, mike. after weeks of searching and few clues to go on this morning, this morning the search for sierra lamar takes a new turn. bob redell is live in morgan hill this morning.
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where is the search headed today? >> reporter: we'll be heading south of morgan hill, good morning to you, laura. tomorrow will be three weeks since sierra lamar disappeared and never making it to this intersection to catch her school bus just down the road from her home. the sheriff's office and volunteers have searched a 20-mile radius around her home. this morning at 9:00, they will expand that search south to gilroy and san martin. the sheriff's office telling us this will involve about 20 members of the department search and rescue unit as well as three canines who can detect human remains. investigators tell us they've received over 1,000 tips they are following up on. they have not said what has led in the search. whether it's one of those tips. or just a natural extension of the search area. some people who won't be participating in any searches for sierra are her mom and dad. law enforcement has advised against this to protect them from the trauma of being the ones to find their daughter. steve lamar says not knowing
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what happened to his daughter has made for some long days and nights. >> crying every day still. at least once crying. usually when i'm alone, so i try to not be alone very often. >> today steve lamar tells us he goes back to work at silicon valley start-up. this will be the first time since his daughter disappeared almost three weeks ago. reporting live here in morgan hill, bob redell, "today in the bay." and the search for sierra also taking a high-tech twist this morning. san jose based company child quest international has assigned a qr code to the missing teen. the code is a black square of jumbled lines that appears on missing posters and fliers. people with the right app on their cell phones can scan that code and link to a website with more photos and information about sierra. new details emerging right now in the shooting in the investigation for sierra lamar.
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the suspected shooter one l goh appeared briefly. he's been charged with seven counts of murder and tleep counts coun three counts of attempted murder. "today in the bay's" christie smith joins us live with more on what police are saying. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, john. the director of the nursing appraisal here at oikos university believed she had been the intended target of the gunman's rage and the police chief seemed to confirm that. well, now comes new information this morning that he may have been looking for a different female administrator at the university altogether. she runs the nursing program and believes she was the suspected gunman's target. a former student one l goh came looking for her, she believed, on monday, but she wasn't on
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campus. seven people killed that day, three injured in a mass shooting. last night, family and friends came together for a memorial for one of the victims. 21-year-old lidia simms. well, police have not said, though, who they now believe who the intended target was. the nbc bay area spoke with a friend who believed it was her. >> she feels guilty. one of her secretaries was like one of her children, her girls, her daughter. she's just devastated. >> reporter: now the d.a.'s also saying the suspect may have been very angry with administrators here after trying unsuccessfully to get his tuition back after he left the university in the fall. meantime, funeral services for simms are set today in los altos. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> and make sure to stay with nbc bay area news for continuing
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coverage of the mass shooting at oikos university. we have extended coverage on new developments will also be sent out on twitter and facebook. it is 5:05 right now. new this morning, a series of earthquakes still shaking up morgan hill this morning. five quakes have struck north of the city in the past 24 hours. the last one hit about nine miles north of morgan hill before 3:00 a.m. measuring 2.8. two similar size quakes were recorded around 1:00 this morning. a magnitude 1.3 was reported. and you may recall yesterday morning we told you about the 2.3 quake about a mile away. an elderly man hit by a cyclist last week has died. the 71-year-old was in the crosswalk last thursday morning when a man on a bike collided with him. both ended up on the ground unconscious. the pedestrian died on monday. no word yet on whether the cyclist will face charges. new this morning, an elderly
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dementia patient may be wandering alone after missing from a board and care home. the police department sent out a tracking canine to try to find this man, 67-year-old lee hodgen. he has been missing for more than 12 hours. last seen at his board and care home in san jose wearing a red sweatshirt and gray sweat pants. hodgen is diagnosed with dementia and has a history of going missing. the san francisco chronicle says the american indian public charter school too can't continue operating for another five years, but the school board will revoke its charter if problems are not fixed within two years. a state audit questioning the way the school spent more than $1 million in public funds. 5:07 right now. janitors take to the streets this morning in a protest over pay. 700 janitors will march through
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palo alto today starting at 11:00 this morning. the march comes on the day the janitors union votes to authorize a may 1st strike. the statewide contract of seiu united service workers west expires in one month. let's go over to the bay area weather center and check with christina loren to find out what's happening for the weekend. >> you know what? we've got a pretty good-looking weekend shaping up. considering we're going to gradually going to increase your temperatures each day through saturday, topping out on saturday in the 70s in the warmest cities across the bay. but it's a cold start today, and we're only going to hit the low 60s. tomorrow, a little warmer and warmer for your saturday. you're at 35 in fairfield and 37 degrees in santa rosa. the national weather service has gone ahead and canceled that frost advisory issue ed for the interior valleys and north bay. preventing that cold, dense air from settling at the surface.
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we could find a little bit, though, throughout your wind sheltered interior valleys through the east bay. keep that in mind. breezy conditions out there between 15 and 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts. throughout the morning, patchy frost certainly possible. we could see some record-setting low temperatures if that temperature in santa rosa falls in the low 30s. might be talking about a new temperature record for the day. and then we've got a warm-up as we head into the weekend. so today, you want to dress in layers. by noon, 60 degrees, peel off a layer inland. 62 degrees as you make your way home from work. it is friday eve, and i've got that weekend forecast in my next report. first, let's check your drive with mike. first, the update for folks here over the caldecott tunnel, eastbound 24, the truck fire complete lly cleared. down at the bottom of your screen, construction, eastbound 580, you'll find some road crews still hanging out there. circling a new incident reported southbound 880 just north of 16th.
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looks like the cars were able to make their way off the roadway and cleared to surface streets. 880 past the coliseum is a nice flow of traffic here, north with those taillights health of the headlights. steady all the way down to the san mateo bridge. another live look out and show you the north bay. a smooth drive south of san rafael. the frost advisory lifted from the north bay, but you might find the smaller bridges, be careful before the sun comes up, they might be a little slippery. frost probably not an issue, just a warning, guys. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. big changes coming to mission bay courtesy of the san francisco giants. team president larry bair has plans to develop the area south of the ballpark. the $1.6 million project would include new housing, shopping, and an 8-acre park. the team would also transform pier 48. ground breaking is not expected
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before 2015. >> big deal out there. >> yeah, huge. delta could be looking to get into the oil business. we will explain why coming up. and voters say it's more dangerous than drugs or violence. the surprising numbers behind a new survey on childhood obesity next. and if you want more news, more traffic, more weather and good conversation, you know where to get it. facebot ba
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kind of hard to believe, californians actually believe obesity is a bigger risk to children than drugs or violence. that according to a new field poll of california voters. nearly half of the people surveyed name bad eating habits and lack of physical activity as the greatest threat to children today. 62% said they would support attacks on soft drinks to help fight the obesity epidemic. the majority also believes schools should require more physical activity. that's always a good thing. and here's another reason in case you need one to eat all of your vegetables. a new study of chinese women with breast cancer shows the women who ate broccoli had a reduced risk of disease three years after diagnosis. researchers say another similar vegetable like cabbage also have the same effect. they suggest women with cancer add more of those vegetables to their diets. >> probably all of us, as well, it would be a good idea. get a look at the forecast with christina loren. >> you know, we are going to take a wide look into the
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weekend. big weekend, easter sunday. >> yeah. >> a lot of easter egg hunts going to happen right here in the bay area. and you want good weather for those easter egg hunts. got good news for you. the second half of sunday where it gets dicey. but sunday morning, looking fantastic. you'll even get some sunshine. 40 degrees in livermore right now, 43 in sunnyvale, and 45 degrees in san mateo. as you get ready to make your way out that front door this morning, we do have a little bit of wind out there. mike's been reporting wind advisories, and we could get caught by a strong gust from time to time gusting between 15 and 30 miles per hour. overall, your sustained wind speeds are not that strong, but they're strong enough to keep that frost from settling right to the surface. what happened is, the area of low pressure that brought us all the rain racing into the central portion of the nation in southern california leaving behind very chilly conditions. it's the cold air behind the front that's settling in now. going to take a couple days to mix out, be uh breezy conditions as that system pulls out. so a cool start for today, tomorrow we'll see more 60s
5:16 am
inland. but just for today, 62 degrees in the valley, of 62 in redwood city. today, three-day outlook shows you we're going to warm up nicely all the way into saturday. good easter bonnet wearing weather. 62 degrees sunday morning, 59 by the bay. so overall, you're going to get more sunshine on saturday than on sunday. we are going to get a few more clouds late sunday into monday and maybe some light showers up in the north bay. overall, though, looking good sunday morning. and mike, i know you've got those little ones ready to go. over to you. >> i do, and my bonnet ready. we'll look where we're looking at the bay bridge. we still have a wind advisory issue. that is the only bridge remaining, though. chp just lifted the other one. we do have construction eastbound 580, as well. heading away from the bridge. the earlier truck fire at the caldecott tunnel as well as the accident around 16th have completely cleared from the chp incident report, as well. now a live look at the san mateo
5:17 am
bridge. and just as they do clear that wind advisory, they've cleared it from the sign, as well. the camera's still shaking. hold on tight across the open water. all bridges, you might get that gust or two. still, we're going to hold it steady as you head over that. looking at maps from the south bay, the update here and looking at construction going on in the northbound 85 past highway 87. right here the concern, on and off ramp still closed from the northbound side and 880 itself starting to pick up that construction up toward brokaw. 101 and moffett. that construction zone clearing all the way past moffett field. and no wind advisory issued there. watch that high-rise. back to you. >> mike, appreciate it, and right now, a quick check on the markets in advance of that opening bell, good morning, jackie. >> good morning, john. a lower open on wall street after stocks sold off yesterday.
5:18 am
now investors took some money off the table following a disappointing bond auction in spain. that renewing concerns about global economic growth. we also saw here in the u.s. a slowdown in the nation's services or nonmanufacturing sector last month. this morning, we're going to get data on new filings for unemployment. this comes ahead of tomorrow's all-important jobs report. the markets, of course, are closed for good friday tomorrow. forecasters are expecting 203,000 new jobs were created in march. the unemployment rate should be holing steady at 8.3%. the dow dropping on thursday to 13,074, the nasdaq losing 45 to close at 3,068. and cnbc learned that delta airlines may make a bid for the oil refinery near philadelphia. the plant which has capacity for 185,000 barrels per day was idled last year. delta, which is struggling with jet fuel costs could offer as much as $100 million for it. the plant could be a big boon for delta. it's projected to produce a
5:19 am
higher yield than other facilities and accounts for a third of the total jet and kerosene capacity on the east coast. john, back over to you. it is 5:18 right now. san jose police are on the look out for an imposter. police say the suspect drives a dark green compact van, pulls the victims over, some of whom don't speak english and flashes a badge. he takes the drivers wallet to run a computer check and returns it minus the cash. on tuesday, the same thing happened at king and mckee roads. a little later, another incident at sunset and stowe avenues. san jose police want the public to know they never drive green vans. the time now is 5:19. coming up, lights on mars? okay. not exactly. but nasa has a pretty cool look at a dust devil on the planet's surface. how it was captured coming up. plus, possible problems with the new ipads. we'll take a look coming up. you know what's exciting, graduation.
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welcome back, everyone. taking a beautiful live look outside waiting for the sun to come up, warm things up just a tad. we'll have a look at the full forecast as well as the holiday weekend, 5:22. we'll get pretty cool images from mars right now. they did not find any life on the red planet. scientists are good, but not that good. a nasa context camera orbiting the planet did spot a martian dust devil. the dust devil roughly 12 miles high about the width of a football field. the interesting thing here, despite its monster size, the density of mars' atmosphere is
5:23 am
so low even high velocity dust devil is unlikely to even knock you over. scott mcgrew says the nasa program unvented right here in the south bay has a new lease on life. >> good morning, laura. nasa announced the program that looks for planets outside the solar system is going to keep running. kepler's found 16 planets, it's gone so well, it's been funded to the year 2016. kepler is one of the least expensive unqualified successes that nasa has ever had. here in our solar system, a new government report issued by the treasury says the department was given one day to judge the merits of a huge government loan to solyndra. the report says the day was actually sufficient time but that shortened schedule was unusual. actually it was the energy department that was responsible for checking the numbers, but because treasury cuts the check, it too was given a chance to
5:24 am
examine the application. several apple bloggers say apple is looking into connectivity problems with the wi-fi only version of the ipad. an internal memo says employees at stores should exchange bad ones for good ones. send the bad ones to be tested so apple engineers can figure out what's going on. and gadget reviewers have started publishing their impressions of the new phone the lumina 900 announced this week the latest smartphone from nokia runs windows software. it's beautiful and top of the line and, yes, you can play angry birds on it and watch netflix, but he also points out there are lots of apps that don't work like pandora. this will be available for sale sunday. it's the first really other than android the first really serious iphone competitor we've seen. >> interesting. thank you very much, scott. it is 5:24 right now. still to come on "today in the bay," police say the suspect in monday's deadly shooting rampage
5:25 am
had a different target. we're live with the latest next. also an arrest in that crash that caused a gas leak in san jose. the charges the suspect is facing this morning. and we're looking towards a mild and breezy thursday afternoon, but we're headed towards a warm-up and i've got your holiday forecast and weather. and the earlier truck fire on highway 24, that has cleared. i have a new accident to tell you about south of here coming up. and a live look outside. beautiful bay bridge this morning, just love how it's all illumina illuminated. mike's got tabs on it for us, 5:25 right now.
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new information this morning that the gunman in monday's shooting rampage in oakland may have had a different target than first thought. i'm christie smith with that
5:28 am
story coming up in a live report. a confession in a deadly hit-and-run in the south bay, why the driver says he did it on purpose. and a live look outside this morning for this -- >> reporter: and the search for sierra lamar is heading outside of morgan hill. i'm bob redell. now we'll take that live look outside this morning. golden gate bridge for this thursday, april 5th, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you, and thanks so much for joining us, 5:28 right now, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> let's check in with christina loren to find out about thursday and beyond. kind of cool, but it's going to get nicer. >> it's going to get nice, we have that sunshine. you can open up your windows and let that clean air in. as we head throughout the afternoon, temperatures are only going to make it into the 60s
5:29 am
inland. we're talking about the upper 50s by the coast and cold enough for a jacket this morning, forget about the umbrella until the second half of your holiday weekend. i'll time out the next round of showers. first it's 5:28, we want to get you out that front door in time with mike. some of the reasons for the canceled frost advisory is the reason for the alert from chp. the bay bridge camera trembles a bit from our san francisco mount here. as we're looking at the bay bridge, you might get hit with a gust or two crossing the bay here. no major issues as the commute starts to build slowly in the westbound direction to the city. we have an accident southbound 680 on our maps. we're going to look at the southbound side through danville and in toward alamo and no slowing at the scene, but we'll watch because both cars reportedly spun out through the area. i'll get an update on this as well as the rest of your commute coming up. it is 5:29 right now. and new details this morning in the oikos university shooting investigation. oakland police now say suspect
5:30 am
one l goh may have had a different initial target. yesterday police said the intended target was the school's nursing program director seen here with students at a memorial for one of the victims. but now that may not be the case. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in oakland. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. well, first let me start by saying the memorial outside of the university here in oakland has doubled in size at least from when we were here yesterday morning. now, what's happening is the nursing program director initially believed that she may have been the gunman's intended target. and the police chief apparently believed it too. that's what he told the associated press. but now comes word that it may have been a different female administrator that the gunman was looking for. believed that the suspect one l goh was looking for her monday but she was on campus.
5:31 am
he was upset over a number of things, including an unsuccessful attempt to get his tuition back after he left school last fall. on monday, police believe he lined students up here in oakland, fired, killing seven people and wounding three others. this comes as the family of yet another victim 21-year-old lidia simms held a memory for her last night. police not saying, though, why they think the suspect targeted another female administrator. >> she feels guilty. one of her -- her secretary was like one of her children, her girls, her daughter. she's just devastated. >> reporter: in the meantime, funeral services for lidia sim are planned for later today in los altos. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." 5:31 right now. in the meantime, the search for the weapon used in the mass killings has been called off.
5:32 am
police diver checked the murky waters yesterday trying to locate the 45 caliber semiautomatic police say the gunman used. low tide also allowed more thorough search of the banks. the sonar boat also traversed the channel trying to detect any sign of evidence. soon after, the entire group packed up and left. stay with nbc bay area news for continuing coverage at oikos university, we have extensive coverage on the front page of our website and new developments sent out on twitter and facebook. an unexpected search this morning for sierra lamar. the sheriff's office announcing it has new areas to check. "today in the bay's" bob redell live where the investigation into the disappearance of the teenager is nearing the three-week mark. bob, good morning. >> reporter: and the search will be heading out of morgan hill later this morning. good morning to you, john. you might recall that the sheriff's office along with volunteers have already searched a roughly 20-mile radius around
5:33 am
sierra lamar's home and this intersection where she was supposed to catch her school bus almost three weeks ago, three weeks ago tomorrow. today the search heads to san martin and gilroy. investigators aren't saying if this is just a logical extension of the search area. the search they tell us will run from 9:00 to 5:30. the s.o. will call around 20 members of their search and rescue unit as well as three canines capable of finding human remains. investigators have been working on a theory that someone abducted the 15-year-old before she went to school. her dad who we spoke with last night realizes this is a strong possibility but holds out some hope that this nightmare has a happy ending. >> dream sequence would be that sierra walks through her front -- the front door and says, mom, dad, i made a mistake. i took off and i shouldn't have.
5:34 am
and i'm sorry to put you through all this. >> reporter: the sheriff's office tells us that people have phoned or e-mailed in over 1,000 tips surrounding the disappearance of sierra lamar and they tell us that investigators are trying to follow up on each and every one of those. reporting live here in morgan hill, bob redell, "today in the bay." this morning, the man accused of murders of five people is due back in a san francisco courtroom. he is charged with five counts of murder with special circumstances. for the march 23rd killings inside a home across from city college in san francisco. those charges make the suspect eligible for the death penalty, but the d.a. says it will not be a capital case. he is expected to be arraigned today and could enter a plea. police hope surveillance footage will help them track down a group of teens that attacked a man at a bus station. a ticket agent saw what was
5:35 am
happening and called for help. but by the time police arrived, all three suspects ran away. the victim was taken to the medical center. it's unclear if the attack was an attempted robbery or if the victim knew the teens. the suspect in the fatal hit-and-run crash now telling police he ran down pedestrians in sunnyvale intentionally. 45-year-old being held on $1 million bail after turning himself in for the hit-and-run and causing a second accident in los altos. both within minutes of each other on saturday. admitting to investigators he hit two people in a crosswalk on hollenbeck avenue, then sped away and allegedly drove right into the path of a second car a short time later just a few miles away. one of the pedestrians died monday, the other one remains had in a coma. one witness just could not believe what she was seeing. >> i just was so scared. i told my neighbor, i said, barbara, come here. i'm so scared. there's two bodies on the ground
5:36 am
in front of my house. >> he was arraigned yesterday on charges including vehicular manslaughter, hit-and-run, and battery of police officers for allegedly assaulting four officers. well, a woman now facing charges this morning for an accident that led to a gas leak in south san jose. this a follow-up to a story we first brought to you yesterday morning. police say victoria bristow crashed her suv right into a home near highway 85 and camden avenue late tuesday night. the damage to the house and the gas meter attached to it extremely considerable. it caused a gas leak forcing an evacuation of three homes where several hours the driver was arrested yesterday while being treated for injuries. this morning, she is right now facing charges of driving under the influence. thought i'd take a break from the day's news, get a look at that forecast. >> good morning to you. we've got a really good-looking forecast for today considering we're going to see a lot of
5:37 am
sunshine. but we are going to have to deal with some very gusty winds as we head throughout the afternoon. so you want to keep that in mind, especially there uh the higher elevations. let's go ahead and tell you what's going to happen for today. starting with a live look outside, the golden gate bridge is actually showing you a pretty clear picture, and we have that clear picture because clear skies overhead, calm winds, a dry air mass. oh, very, very cold start as a result. so no fog to report this morning. all the moisture that has come through is just going to kind of settle at the surface this morning. we don't have to worry about that fog. so 43 degrees in sunnyvale, 40 in livermore. gusty winds for the first part of the day and those winds are going to strengthen throughout this afternoon. your future cast tells the story. we set it in motion, stop the clock at 5:00 p.m., turning downright windy. so winds will be at their strongest this evening and through tonight, those winds will start to relax by about 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we're talking about calm winds. we have a better chance for frost tomorrow morning.
5:38 am
noon today, 60 degrees inland, 62 by the bay, and 58 degrees at the coast. so temperatures are going to be right about where they should be for this time of year. so cool enough where you want to keep the sweater or jacket handy for the first part of the day. now if you crave the 70s, we've got them for you, just in time for this holiday weekend. i'll take you through your seven-day forecast. ready to go in my next report. >> you know, christina, we'll update folks on the accident i've been following, southbound 680, now, still chp has yet to arrive. we don't have confirmation on whether or not any lanes are blocked, but i haven't seen any slowing over the last ten minutes. two cars spun out over at that location, but it may be something that happened earlier. we'll see. willow pass road approaching the merge, and reports of cardboard bundles getting updated here. actually some folks are going through the area saying they have to go to the shoulder because they're across all lanes. watch for slowing and potentially a tractor break
5:39 am
heading toward that merge. if you're joining on 242 southbound 680, you're okay, just past that incident. and the slowing approaching the scene westbound highway 4, antioch, right at 5:30, we saw the speeds dramatically dip. now we're down in the 20s as you're doing your traditional stretch over towards summersville. and a live look outside shows what things are like in the north bay. the volume holding steady, navado down to the san rafael bridge. back to you guys. >> thanks, mike. 5:31, job seekers could soon get relief. why a bill could give the economy a boost. and the giants shaking up the starting lineup.e toak they plan to make right before opening day.
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5:41 am
welcome back, everybody. a spectacular shot right now. they put a lot of effort into making those lights look nice. pretty shot, christina loren
5:42 am
will be here to fill you in on what kind of day to expect. it is 5:41. if you are looking for work, it may be soon easier to land a job. "today in the bay's" brian mooar with a look at some of the jobs on the rebound. good morning, brian. >> all right, laura. well president obama later today is going to sign something called the jobs act designed to help small businesses and the jobs that it creates. right now, the obama administration is hoping to see in the next 24 hours good news on the jobs front. right now the unemployment level, 8.3%, that is a three-year low. and over the past three months, an average 245,000 jobs created. now, where has the biggest rebound been? it's been in the service industry. restaurants, hotel, retail. all hires right now because consumer confidence seems to be rubbing off on employers as americans go out and spend more. those bosses are looking to hire more people and pay them a
5:43 am
little more. so right now if you're looking for a really good economic sign, look at a restaurant and it says, help wanted. laura? >> thank you very much, brian. well, it has been a nonstop adventure down there and people living in north texas continue picking up the pieces after that series of devastating tornadoes. more than a dozen twisters caused widespread damage early this week. thousands there still without power. and at least 800 homes were severely damaged. there were at least 20 injuries right now being reported. connecticut may be the newest state to repeal the death penalty. the senator approved a bill that would repeal the death penalty there. if that legislation passes, connecticut would be the fifth state in the last five years to get rid of the death penalty. california will vote in november whether or not to repeal it. connecticut delayed the legislation last year due to a high-profile death penalty case of two men that brutally killed
5:44 am
jennifer hawk petit and her daughters. the man at the center of the penn state sexual abuse scandal back in court today, that is jerry sandusky attending a pretrial hearing. his attorney asking to dismiss some of the charges and suppress some of the evidence. the former penn state football coach facing 52 counts of alleged sexual misconduct with boys over a 15-year period. it is 5:44 right now. the final coroner's report in the death of whitney houston concludes she drowned. the original report suggested houston had died of a heart attack linked to cocaine use. but the latest report shows there was no evidence of a heart attack. detectives found a white powdery substance and a small spoon in houston's hotel room. houston had cocaine in her system when she was found face down in the bathtub in february. her death has been ruled an accident. six months after new
5:45 am
zealand's worst over environmental disaster, the rena ran aground in october spilling 400 tons of fuel. at least 27,000 sea birds were killed. in january, the wreck split in two and both halves remain on the reef, but they're not shifting. the stern section is almost completely submerged. it is 5:45 right now. meteorologist christina loren back in the mix and back in full effect just in time for pretty nice weather out there. >> yeah, just in time for holiday weekend, as well. looks like the weather will hold up at least for the first part of easter sunday. good morning to you, it's cold out there, grab your jacket out the front door, leave the umbrella at home. and you're still chilly at napa. 53 degrees there, wind mixing things up, keeping that cold, dense air from settling to the surface. that's the good news. national weather service was able to cancel a frost advisory that would have been in place until 8:00 a.m., but you can see, we've got pretty good winds.
5:46 am
sustained at 12 miles per hour out of the west and navado at 7 miles per hour west/southwest. and oakland also getting pretty good wind. 12 miles per hour out of the west/northwest. area of low pressure has passed to our south, now the chilly air has settled in. it's going to take a couple of days to mix out before our temperatures climb back into the 70s. that is in your forecast. i'll get you at seven day in a moment. for the next 48 hours, plan on cold mornings, sunny days, and 60s inland. high around 61 degrees in san jose, 62 for redwood city and 62 degrees up in san rafael. the three-day forecast shows you we keep on climbing through saturday, 71 degrees, clouds increase on easter sunday, but they're not going to increase until about noon to 3:00 p.m. as we head through sunday evening, monday morning. overall, though, looking nice and mild as we celebrate easter this sunday. let's check your drive with mike. >> we're starting to get congestion, not congestion, just
5:47 am
a few more cars. construction still going on the off-ramp from northbound 85. and look at this slowing northbound 87. this is a little early to see speeds in the 50s just south of capital expressway. we'll watch this. it's been a tough week for guadalupe. looking at the onramps at brokaw, reopen for 880. good news, slowing pretty typical pattern here for 16-minute drive. north flynn for westbound 580. the dublin interchange is just right, a little slowing around the transition. and again, typical pattern there. 680, earlier accident, that has cleared without any slowing, that is all fine south of that walnut creek interchange. southbound willow pass, still reports of cardboard across all lanes. this will be a distraction and there are bundles there, as well. be prepared for slowing as you approach that merge. approaching the caldecott. 580, the construction eastbound
5:48 am
around fruitvale, a wind advisory still in effect. the gusts, but the san mateo bridge, a smooth drive westbound these taillights across the span, but there's no more wind advisory from chp. but this camera does shake from time to time, so prepare for those gusts, as well. a new federal report is raising new questions about that giant federal loan to solyndra. the treasury department conducted an internal investigation that concluded the $500 million loan was rushed without sufficient review. the report shows the last-minute review by financial experts lasted about a day. this experts had concerns, but there's no evidence the energy department addressed them. it is crunch time, the pressure's on for the san jose sharks. the sharks playing the l.a. kings twice this week to wrap up that regular season. both of those games crucial, could mean the difference between making the playoffs or sitting at home wishing they were in the playoffs. the kings, the pacific division
5:49 am
leaders heading into the playoffs. the sharks play the first game against l.a. tonight in l.a. and again for their season finale at the shark tank coming up on saturday. and today, the nfl hearing appeals from the new orleans saints over the harsh penalties for the team's brutal bounty program. saints head coach, assistant coach and general manager all facing suspensions and fines for offering rewards to any player who knocked out an opponent during one of their games. coach shawn peyton suspended for the season and the team must also forfeit two second round draft picks. the giants finalizing the starting lineup to a slimming roster to 25. brandon belt will start at first base opening day, aubrey huff will be the left fielder. sanchez is the number two catcher behind buster posey. catcher ely whiteside sent to aaa fresno.
5:50 am
and stewart to the yankees for a pitcher. we have an update on a story about a tiny puppy making big headlines. beyonce from el dorado hills is now an ambassador for dogs. hopes to build a maternity ward, actually, for all pregnant dogs and rescues. the window there, you can see the pups. beyonce also gaining attention from a global audience. so cute. guinness world records checking to see if that little tiny dog is the tiniest dog. the new show is focused right here in the south bay. we'll have that next. >> what do techies think of that? coming up. drowsy. after allegra, i have the only one that's both fast and non-drowsy. after allegra, i have it all. avoid bad.fats. don't go over 2000... 1200 calories a day.
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5:53 am
welcome back, everyone. taking a live look outside. shark tank this morning. a few cars out there. one, two, three. usually quiet there. 5:53 right now. well, brace yourselves, reality tv coming here to the silicon valley. "today in the bay" has more details on a new cable show being produced by the sister of facebook ceo mark zuckerburg. >> reporter: reality tv is coming to silicon valley. launching a new reality show about the spirit and energy of the high-tech industry following young entrepreneurs as they struggle to be the next big internet sensation. randi zuckerburg is mark's sister. silicon valley gossip owen thomas says the show has a lot of potential, but don't expect the drama bravo is famous for. >> silicon valley is conflict averse.
5:54 am
it is highly dramatic and yet, no one wants to make enemies because you never know when you're going to be doing -- you know, doing a deal with someone. >> reporter: the bravo network says the show name "silicon valley" may change, so stay tuned. reporting in menlo park, nbc today in the bay. >> scott mcgrew has been covering silicon valley for 15 years and interviewed just about anyone who matters. scott, i cannot wait to get your impressions. >> i hate to prejudge a show and we should point it out, by the way, our parent company owns bravo. i can't fathom who they are going to find. entrepreneurs in the valley are changing the world, but they're not very interesting outside the office. and the last thing you'd ever want to do if you wanted funding or venture capital is caught dead partying in a bar like they do on jersey shore. he's making news, though, this morning. he is stepping down as head of
5:55 am
hp labs. that lab is one of silicon valley's most storied with a $3 billion budget. we hear he's leaving for a job outside the united states, which is a double blow for silicon valley. other news, proctor and gamble has cut off employee act says to youtube and other internet sites after it was revealed employees watch 50,000 youtube videos a day. i checked that number and i double-checked it again. this according to a cincinnati newspaper. it works out to a little less than two videos per employee per day. netflix and pandora have also been blocked. did you see this? google made this. look at what their google glasses might do as you wear them. google engineers working on a wearable computer system which will send maps and e-mail and other data. >> that's how my brain works. >> is that how it works? you see the weather as you look into the sky and see an e-mail as you're trying to eat your
5:56 am
sandwich. this whole thing inspired this guy to invent his own google glasses. >> that'll get the girls. >> and you are good to go. so he has beat google to the punch. >> strong. good luck on that, pal. all right. we're talking heels this morning. >> that is right. stilettos heels, got to love them. i'm told they can hurt the feet. >> sometimes. now one company turning that pain into profit, though. some dance clubs in l.a. selling flats for about $20 from vending machines. >> smart. >> it is brilliant. they come in a variety of colors, little bag to carry your heels in. >> they seem to be really popular, women are wearing them. you can see at the end of the night lots of women carrying around the bags with their shoes in them. >> it's a great idea, you know? you're out there on the dance floor, feet start to hurt. the inventor came up with the idea when he got tired of hearing his ex complain about her aching feet.
5:57 am
>> it's all about the comfort, right? >> well, the looks too. >> exactly. and they dojz good. i don't think i'll get a pair. we're following new details in the shooting investigation in oakland's oikos university. a funeral planned for one of the victims as police reveal new information about the suspect's intended target. plus, the new tool investigators are using in the search for missing teen sierra lamar. and hold on to your hats today, we've got a windy day shaping up. lots of sunshine, great-looking holiday forecast on the way. and speaking of that wind, we'll talk about that affect on your morning commute. and so far your drive, therefr om bho theay th bay and out fr shore freeway looking good. the update coming up. [ male announcer ] a car is either luxury or it isn't. if you want a luxury car with a standard power moonroof, your options are going to be limited. ♪ if you want standard leather-trimmed seats,
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